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Pallasites Poms is a small Pomeranian Show Quality  Breeder  Located in Greater London.

As responsible breeders We breed for health, personality and good quality Pomeranian. My dogs live in my house with my family and are very much loved pets and are really lovely with kids. My dogs are always up to date with injections and health checks.


We have more than 15 years experience with dogs. We used to breed Shih Tzu and now we have the pleasure to have this beautiful Pomeranian dogs with us.


The relationship with Pomeranians began when we bought our first puppy girl as a pet without any prospect for shows and breeding. We just wanted to have a fluffy pom to enjoy the fellowship and company of this charming dog. After the first puppy, it was hard not to think to extend our relationship with the breed. Our dogs are mostly imports from Russia with excellent Show breeding lines, they also have a lot of American lines behind them.


Today we have the pleasure and joy of owning and breeding  these wonderful dogs.

Heavenbound Amazing Freedom
Orehovo Prestizh Ambicija
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